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Who is West Chester Development Council?

April 18, 2023  |  West Chester Development Council

West Chester Development Council (WCDC) is a Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) that was formed in 1996 to serve as West Chester Township’s agent for economic development.  The CIC was organized, through provisions in the Ohio Revised Code, as a public/private partnership to promote the growth and expansion of West Chester Township’s private business sector.


The WCDC is a non-profit corporation governed by a six-member board of directors that include the West Chester Township Trustees and private sector representatives.  The council receives public and private donations to fund operations, and is staffed by township employees. 


The primary mission of the WCDC is to aggressively encourage and assist in the growth and development of West Chester’s business sector through the expansion and attraction of companies and projects that will positively impact the community. 


As West Chester Township’s statutorily designated marketing agent for economic development, the WCDC has the authority and resources to provide the following services to West Chester Township: acquire and hold land for development and/or redevelopment purposes; secure private sector funds to supplement public sector development initiatives; conduct national and international marketing campaigns; invest in technology-led economic development initiatives including website marketing, advertising and social media promotions; and engage in all other Community Improvement Corporation activities permitted by Ohio law.


Since the inception of the Council in 1996, Larry Brueshaber has been the Chairman of the Board.  Larry spearheaded the initial formation of the CIC and was paramount in establishing the overall economic development goals for the organization at that time.  Larry played a pivotal role in many companies choosing to come to West Chester and was the first point of contact for companies seeking tax incentives until economic development duties were acquired by the township. 


Larry has been a long-time leader in the business community serving on many instrumental boards including the Enterprise Zone Negotiating Committee, the Land Use Plan Committee, the Tax Incentive Review Council, and the township’s 2025 Standing Committee.  Larry and his wife Sandy are very involved in philanthropic efforts throughout Butler County including those with the Northern Cincinnati Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty.  The couple’s love for the community is seen in their generous donations and participation in a multitude of events. 


According to Larry, “West Chester Development serves as a great resource for new and expanding businesses.  The WCDC maintains the economic development website, that houses a vast amount of demographic and project related data for site selectors, brokers, developers, business owners and also aids in attracting new and expanding businesses.”


“The Council also circulates a digital newsletter called What’s New in West Chester.  The newsletter has been published for 20 years now and is widely distributed and well-received by a large audience,” said Larry.  Township economic development staff contacts every new and expanding business to gather data for the newsletter and provides them with an outlet to share news about their company or project.  West Chester companies appreciate the opportunity for free publicity with the announcement of their projects, links to their websites, social media posts, and it also helps share news about all the exciting new development occurring in the township.  Supporters of the WCDC also have their names and website links included in the publication.


The Council also creates attention-getting local and national marketing promotions and campaigns to drive new business prospects to the community.  All private stakeholders and supporters of the West Chester Development Council are featured in every print and electronic promotional piece.  The partnerships fostered between the WCDC and the public/private stakeholders creates a synergistic effort that increases the overall success for the township’s economic development program.