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West Chester businesses plan to add more jobs

September 25, 2013  |  Contingent Network Services, Systecon
Contingent Network Services

By Amanda Seitz, Journal News


Two existing businesses announced Tuesday plans to expand in the township and add a combined 93 jobs to the region.

Officials from Contingent Network Services, a technology company, and Systecon, a company that manufactures heating and cooling systems, will build multi-million dollar facilities if they can get partial property tax exemptions on the new additions.

The West Chester Twp. Trustees unanimously gave support for the companies’ applications for partial tax exemption status during a regularly scheduled meeting. The Butler County Commissioners will vote on the tax exemption status later this week.

If Contingent Network Services officials can get a 65 percent property tax exemption on a new $5.4 million building they plan to construct, it means 120 full-time jobs will stay in the region and an additional 75 full-time jobs will be added.

Officials with the company said Tuesday they might relocate to another location, such as Texas or Florida, if they’re not granted the tax exemption status.

West Chester Twp. Trustees Tuesday expressed support for keeping good-paying jobs in Butler County. Contingent Network Services employees 120 with an average salary of $65,000 currently. The company plans to pay the additional 75 employees it will add an average salary.

“This is the type of industry we really like to have in West Chester, something you can maintain your community on,” Trustee George Lang said during Tuesday’s meeting.

Contingent has already been approved by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority for Job Creation Tax Credits.

If granted the partial tax exemption status, officials from Systecon said they plan to add 18 jobs with an average salary of $40,000.

Officials with both companies said they’re currently seeking applicants for new positions.