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West Chester business picks up work after P&G subsidiary closes

May 9, 2024  |  ASIC

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Nearly a year ago, iMFLUX, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble based in Hamilton, shut down its Symmes Road operations.


iMFLUX had two types of productions ― injection molding controls process and mechanical molds. P&G continues to make the iMFLUX controller technology available to the injection molding industry. But ASIC Corp. in West Chester Twp. picked up the controls piece, said Kyle Nichols, operations manager at ASIC.


“We’re basically picking up where iMFLUX left off with actual machine sales, training and service for all the control systems,” Nichols said.


ASIC Corp., 9175 Sutton Place, primarily is a control panel assembly and systems integrator, and it works with several electric and mechanical products.


iMFLUX was announced as a P&G subsidiary in 2017. P&G developed a process called iMFLUX, which is an injection molding technology that uses low, constant pressure to fill a mold. When iMFLUX shut down the Symmes Road operations last summer to scale down and streamline operations, they laid off 122 people.


ASIC has been part of the iMFLUX business from the start, according to iMFLUX, which had stated the West Chester Twp. company “was part of the original iMFLUX controller design and has assembled the ‘black box’ control system for iMFLUX customers over the past decade.”


ASIC, a small family-owned business founded in 1996 and employs 42, was able to hire three former iMFLUX employees, Nichols said.


The West Chester Twp. business is now the place to find replacement parts for iMFLUX machines and to integrate an iMFLUX system into an OEM. They are working with P&G as the Cincinnati-headquartered company continues with the advancement of the iMFLUX technology, including program updates, software and hardware, Nichols said.


“We work hand-in-hand with them to help us more easily with get in with the big OEM injection molding builders...and integrate with more OEMs,” Nichols said.


Whether it’s a company making plastic-molded products for P&G or water bottles for another company, ASIC supplies the machines with whatever device they need, including spare parts or to retrofit a machine “and iMFLUX can be installed on any system for any industry, not just P&G suppliers.”