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January 1, 2019  |  UNION CENTRE 2019 TRANSFORMATION
Diverging Diamond Interchange

After more than two decades, the Union Centre Boulevard interchange will go through a major transformation in 2019. West Chester Township and the Butler County Engineers Office will partner on the project that is expected to begin in spring 2019.



The $13 million project funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF) will transform the interchange/bridge to a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI). A DDI can generally fit within the existing interchange right-of-way, provides for simplified left turn movements and provides for relatively simple pedestrian crossing eliminating unprotected crossing at the ramps.


This will be the third DDI constructed in Ohio and one of the design’s drawbacks is that it will be unfamiliar to motorists. With some education and use, however, the strengths of the design outweigh the weaknesses which also include little space for snow storage and elimination of highway re-entry.


The UCB interchange handles approximately 45,750 vehicles per day (average daily traffic) and has become an entry to West Chester’s corporate downtown area. The interchange was initially completed in 1997 and was constructed with private and public funding. Since its construction, more than $2.5 billion in real and personal property investment has been made in the Union Centre area alone, accounting for 22.3 million square feet of retail, corporate office, entertainment and industrial development; and generating nearly 26,000 jobs.


“The Union Centre interchange is an important gateway into our community and has defined West Chester as a hub for corporate investment in the region,” said West Chester Community Development Director Aaron Wiegand. “Investing in the efficiency and appearance of highway interchanges demonstrates West Chester’s ongoing commitment to remain a premier community.”


The interchange project will also include additional lanes, pedestrian path, new decorative fencing, new mast arms and new landscaping.


The project is expected to require only a four-day full closure with the rest of the work completed while maintaining traffic. Delays, however, will be likely throughout the project. Stay ahead of the construction schedule for Union Centre this spring by following West Chester on Facebook and Twitter or visiting