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January 1, 2022
West Chester Development

Ask the more than 3,700 West Chester businesses why they chose to locate in the Township and the most often heard response is location and access.  West Chester’s location and access are certainly exceptional reasons to establish a corporate presence in West Chester, but there are many more.    



  • West Chester is centrally located in the I-75 growth corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton —an area with a combined population of more than 3 million people.


  • West Chester is conveniently located near five interstate interchanges which is unmatched by any other suburban community in the region—three in West Chester on I-75 and two at West Chester’s perimeter on I-275.


  • During the past 24 years and since the opening of Union Centre Boulevard interchange, more than $377 million has been invested in major infrastructure projects throughout the township to facilitate corporate growth and promote safe and efficient travel. 


  • Two international airports are within 45 minutes of West Chester and four regional airports are nearby, connecting West Chester to the national and international global economies.



  • West Chester offers access to a work force of 1.85 million within a 30-mile radius to supply its more than 3,700 businesses.


  • West Chester is within 600 miles of 54% of U.S. buying power —making it easy to reach suppliers and customers critical to corporate success.


  • West Chester companies develop symbiotic partnerships as a result of geographic access—the outcome being strategic alliances, key partnerships, access to local suppliers, advances in technologies, new discoveries, referrals and more.  


  • Access to two major Class 1 and several short-line rail lines provides alternatives in transporting goods.



  • The township’s progressive leadership strives to create an environment that supports business expansion and growth in order to build a sustainable community.


  • No personal income tax—employees who live and work in West Chester receive the full benefit of the township’s no tax environment. 


  • No corporate earnings tax—West Chester serves as an ideal platform for corporate growth and innovation focusing on the strengths and benefits of no earnings tax being assessed on businesses located in the township.


  • Community Development’s collaborative approach toward zoning and economic development support commercial growth while streamlining the process making it user-friendly for brokers and developers. 



  • West Chester has more than 2,200 hotel rooms to support local business travel, meetings and conferences. 


  • More than 1,500 acres of shopping, dining and entertainment amenities have been developed in West Chester—with more than 8.3 million square feet of commercial development, representing more than $1 billion invested in West Chester’s commercial market. 


  • West Chester has four major institutes of higher learning, a state-of-the-art library, and a full-service 160-bed hospital with an adjacent medical campus providing ancillary services. 


  • The businesses and residents of West Chester benefit from full-time professional public safety services that emphasize collaboration with local businesses in preparedness for emergency situations and the prevention of crime, fire and other crises. 



  • Ranked as one of the “Best Places to Live” in America, more than 65,000 people call West Chester home and thousands more flock here to enjoy the great shopping, dining and entertainment venues.


  • West Chester has received back to back recognition as Ohio’s “Best Community to Do Business.”


  • West Chester’s exceptional schools, beautiful homes, 400 acres of recreational space, and safe neighborhoods add up to a place Where Families Grow and Businesses Prosper.