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August 30, 2019  |  Kleingers Group
Kleiners Group

The Kleingers Group vision is to be a destination for its employees, clients and the market—a company clients choose to work with and employees want to be a part of. 


It is this vision that inspired a unique design perspective at The Kleingers Group new offices in West Chester.  “SHP designed our new office and guided us to creating a striking space that is modern and open but also suited to our individual needs and the company’s unique culture.  We are excited to show off our new space and believe it significantly moves us toward our goal of becoming a ‘destination’ company,” says Jim Kleingers, CEO and President. 


Kleingers gathered feedback from its employees and built its new corporate headquarters in West Chester with specific goals in mind—natural light for everyone, plenty of room for different types of collaborations, an open floor plan that allowed for more interaction between groups, better technology to allow for more connected offices, and a gathering area that allowed employees to be social and relaxed throughout the day. 


Kleingers new space is an employee-focused environment with co-ops and the CEO enjoying the same office setups.  It was built with the intention of creating a comfortable space that provided some of the luxuries of working from home or a nearby coffee shop, while creating a space that employees are proud to show off and want to come to every day.  


“The most successful companies put great thought into the type of workforce they want to develop and how to inspire them to do their best work,” said West Chester Township Administrator Larry D. Burks. “Kleingers have truly created something special and we’re delighted they chose to keep their home base in West Chester.” 


The office combines many of the aspects more common in downtown office spaces, such as open areas and a variety of huddle spaces.  Additionally, it boasts the advantages of a more suburban office, such as more generous space per person, easy and free parking, and larger community spaces. 


In many way, Kleingers new space is a return to engineering’s roots, and is not dissimilar to its first engineering office 26 years ago when five people sat in an open room.  Today, more than 80 people enjoy the ease of collaboration and sociability that comes with open, accessible and creative space and imaginative design.  


Location:                6219 Centre Park Drive, West Chester, OH

Project Size:           40,000 TSF/30,000 FSF (former space 22,000 SF)

Project Cost:          $1.6 Million

Renovation Cost:    $1.7 Million