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Mayfield will expand West Chester site

December 21, 2011  |  Mayfield Clinic West Chester Ohio

The Mayfield Clinic will double the Precision Radiotherapy Center in West Chester, a $6.5 million project that includes technology, available for the first time in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, that enables doctors to scan brain, body and spine at once.

The new TrueBeam linear accelerator will represent the latest expansion at Mayfield, one of the biggest remaining independent neurosurgery practices in the country with 21 neurosurgeons.

For patients, it enhances access to the latest treatments by continuing the race between hospitals and doctors groups to buy the latest technologies.

Expansion costs will be split between Mayfield and University Radiation Oncology, the two groups that joined to open the Radiotherapy Center in 2003.

“We have a lot of patients who live in the north and currently go down to the Barrett Cancer Center (in Corryville) to get their care,” said Ronald Warnick, president at Mayfield.

“We pride ourselves on our independence and we look for joint ventures when we can, with the goal of improving patient care,” he said.

With 150 overall employees and 15 locations ranging from West Chester to Crestview Hills, with not every location hosting surgeries.

Mayfield will rely not on bricks-and-mortar expansion, but leveraging its specialties into new practices.

One example is the Chiari Center formed earlier this fall, pioneering new treatments for a specific brain and spine condition.

The group also will try to keep serving all of the region’s major health systems as many doctors are aligning themselves with one of those hospital-based networks.

The biggest include TriHealth, UC Health and Mercy Health Partners in Ohio and St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky.

“Our intent at this point is to serve every system,” said Mark Farrington, who started in October as Mayfield’s new chief executive officer. “The biggest thing at Mayfield is how we are going to maintain our independence.”