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GE Aviation joint venture posts record year

February 26, 2015  |  CFM International, GE Aviation, Snecma
GE Aviation, CFM International, Snecma

Dayton Business Journal

CFM InternationalGE Aviation's joint venture with Snecma — logged more than $50 billion in orders in 2014, the most in its history.

West Chester-based CFM booked more than 4,200 engine orders last year, including about 1,500 CFM56 engines (commercial, military and spares) and more than 2,700 LEAP engines.

By comparison, CFM booked $31 billion in orders the previous year..

Three Southwest Ohio GE Aviation plants — with a combined 1,300 employees — supply GE Aviation as well as CFM.

As CFM logs commitments, it also reports historic production rates for the CFM56 product line.

"What an astonishing year," said Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and CEO of CFM International. "In the same year that we celebrated our 40th anniversary, we also booked orders and production levels unheard of in this industry."