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MetroParks announces plan to build athletic complex at VOA park

MetroParks Athletic Complex at VOA Park

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - A formal groundbreaking is scheduled for mid-October at Voice of America park in West Chester for a new athletic complex.

MetroParks announced  on Tuesday a collaboration with The Butler County Visitors Bureau to build an athletic complex at Voice of America Park projected to be open for use by the fall of 2014. Preliminary construction for the 22 multipurpose natural grass fields began in August.

Jonathan Granville, MetroParks Executive Director, stated, “Not only will these new fields expand recreational opportunities for local residents, but the project will begin the transformation of the park into a premier athletic venue that can attract visitors from throughout the Midwest.” “More importantly”, Granville stated,” MetroParks is pleased to have been able to leverage the capital necessary by working with a funding partner who will mutually benefit from this expansion.   

The entire project cost will be approximately $3 million by the time the 22 natural grass fields are playable in two years. Visitors will enjoy steady improvements to the complex over time as additional partners and sponsors participate in this initiative.  Additionally, over the life of the complex revenue generated from field use is projected to offset the initial investment and cover operating costs

By kkinley, Neighborhood Reporter