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Jack In The Box will open its West Chester location Sept. 17th

September 7, 2012  |  Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box

By Adam Kiefaber

A spokesperson with Jack in the Box confirmed Thursday that its first Ohio location will open in West Chester on Monday, Sept. 17, at 9 a.m.

Brian Luscomb of Jack in the Box said the company has targeted Cincinnati and plans on adding more locations based on the belief that local consumers are already aware of the fast food chain.

 “We have been very diligent expanding into new markets,” Luscomb said. “We want to make sure that it is the right market and that it has a high level of brand awareness where people know what Jack in Box is and what it is all about.”

The West Chester location, 7425 Tylersville Road, is located off I-75 (off the Tylersville exit), in an old gas station lot that is directly next to a Long John Silver’s.

In addition to that location, Jack in the Box is planning to open its second restaurant in Cincinnati at 5234 Ridge Ave. in Pleasant Ridge across the street from Burlington Coat Factory, off I-71, sometime in October.

Cincinnati is the latest market in the Midwest for Jack in the Box, which has 70 locations in the St. Louis area and opened a location this past January in Indianapolis.

For those who are not familiar, Jack in the Box is a hamburger chain based out of San Diego that features a diverse menu.

“We feature hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries, ice cream shakes and some of the core products that are typical of a fast-food hamburger restaurant,” Luscomb said. “But we also offer choices like teriyaki chicken bowls, chicken fajita pitas, salads, stuffed jalapenos, egg rolls – items that you don’t typically find or are not offered at major chains.”

Also unlike other fast-food chains, Jack in the Box offers its full menu, all day, so customers can order breakfast at night or a burger in the morning. The chain is also known for its inexpensive tacos, which are two for $1.

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