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A strong commitment to infrastructure investment and ease of access has set West Chester apart as a dynamic center for economic development.


While construction crews are wrapping up their season for winter, West Chester is poised to move into the new decade with dynamic improvements that will keep traffic moving and welcome new corporate investment.


West Chester wrapped up one significant roadway project in 2019, started one and is planning another for 2020.


The Cincinnati-Dayton Road transformation was completed this year with a few finishing touches – decorative street lighting and a pocket park – yet to come.  The two-year project resulted in a safer ride for motorists and better pedestrian access through the corridor with the addition of sidewalks on both sides of the street and pedestrian crossings.


Despite impacts to traffic during the construction, West Chester continued to see new investment in the Olde West Chester corridor.


The Union Centre Boulevard diverging diamond interchange (DDI) project will transform West Chester’s most visible corporate area. The $20 million project, funded with TIF dollars, began in 2019 and will continue into the 2020 season – after a winter break – with completion expected by fall.


The transformation of the interchange will take place on the existing bridge deck and will include extension of the highway ramps. Nearly all of the work – over the next two construction seasons – will take place without complete closure of the bridge or road. A four-day closure of the bridge will be necessary at some point and will be planned for a weekend.


Since 1997 (construction of UCB interchange) there has been more than $2.4 billion in real and personal property investments; more than 22 million square feet of retail, corporate office, entertainment and industrial development, generating more than 25,000 jobs in the Union Centre area.


More than 50,000 cars per day travel the Union Centre change currently. Investment in the DDI supports opportunities to achieve the highest and best use of remaining developable properties in the area, efficiently and safely move vehicles and even allow for some pedestrian use. 


In addition to the redesign of the bridge and ramps, West Chester will consider landscape and other design features intended to set the community apart as one of America’s best places to live.


Also on the books for 2020 are improvements to Tylersville Road. An additional westbound lane will be constructed from Cox Road to I-75. There will also be a left turn lane on Tylersville Road at Chantilly. While making these improvements, the overpass bridge on Tylersville will be getting additional updates including some Township gateway element and a decorative vandal fencing.


Investment in quality infrastructure is a key factor in defining West Chester as a premier community for economic development which has allowed West Chester to responsibly grow and become one of America’s Best Places to Live.