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GE Aviation shares details of ordering spree

January 29, 2014  |  GE Aviation
GE Aviation

Cincinnati Business Courier

The last year capped off a spree of orders for GE Aviation. The company has a $125 billion backlog of orders and saw sales of equipment and services increase 24 and 22 percent respectively in 2013.

“With the order spree of 2010-2013, GE Aviation enters a serious phase of execution. Plants are being expanded and created,” spokesman Rick Kennedy said in an email.

Orders for services accounted for $96.7 billion of the $125 billion backlog, with equipment orders making up the remaining $28.4 billion.

The last year saw 34,000 new commercial GE jet engines in service through the company and its partners, including CFM International, EA and GE Honda. GE expects to have 41,000 engines in service by 2017, based on the current orders.

GE Aviation and its partners delivered 2,442 commercial engines in 2013. They expect to deliver 2,650 this year, 2,800 in 2015 and 2,859 in 2016.