Community Demographics

As Cincinnati and Dayton continue to converge, West Chester Ohio has emerged as the economic center of the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex, the regional commerce corridor connecting the two major metropolitan areas. This super-region, with two international airports, ranks 19th in the nation with a population of more than 3 million. West Chester Ohio ranks as one of the TIME Money magazine's Best Places to Live in America.

E Technologies Group

E Technologies Group

As a company we are very fortunate not only to be located in West Chester, but to feel that we are part of the West Chester community.  We first chose West Chester as our new location four years ago because of its convenient location and business friendly environment.  For the past four years, we have realized other benefits that we had not previously considered including: 

  • Employees want to work in an area that is clean and has a low crime rate.
  • Employees want to work in an area with lots of choice for lunch and/or dinner.
  • After work, employees choose to stay closer to work when given the change and enjoy local shopping or many of the entertainment options available to them.
  • Our clients visit our facilities much more frequently now that we are in West Chester.  As you can imagine, this helps business development and retention.
  • People like to be associated with success.  Employees are proud to say they work in West Chester because West Chester is considered a successful community.
  • Employees want to be part of a community that cares about its community.  There are several examples of that including West Chester Library, and the Community Foundation.
  • We have had a very open access to the township trustees and administration and feel valued by them.
  • West Chester has a bright future and is a good place to invest.
  • The people around West Chester are good solid people that you like to have as neighbors. 

We would like to thank the township trustees, our fellow West Chester businesses, and the citizens of West Chester for making this a great place to work and prosper. 

Douglas S. Fagaly, President

E-Technologies Group

Contingent Network Services

Contingent/Comcast Business 

Contingent Network Services is a proud member of the West Chester business community, as evidenced by our decision to establish our 20 acre headquarters and logistics facility in the Northwestern West Chester Township in 2009.  Among the myriad of choices, we opted for the diversity of corporate neighbors, business-friendly climate and ease of working with township officials to set up and grow operations. 

Additionally, we recognized the atmosphere and local amenities of high-quality hotels, restaurants and abundant business services to be very beneficial for hosting and impressing our clientele.   

West Chester is recognized for its great quality of life, excellent school system, plentiful shopping venues, over 800 acres of recreational parkland and ease of commute.  This attracts a large and diverse labor pool which makes it easy for us to find qualified employees.  

West Chester provides an excellent location for our base of operations because it is conveniently located between Cincinnati and Dayton—and with two international airports within a 45 minute drive.  It is easily accessible from five interstate interchanges, therefore logistics and shipping operations, as well as employee and client commuting, is all the more appealing. 

Contingent’s headquarters sits atop a northern valley summit overlooking the Ohio valley basin to the south.  After investigating many potential locales outside of West Chester, the draw of the surrounding serene environment was especially appealing because of the excellent land property value, coupled with the other invaluable intangible benefits found only in West Chester. 

We are exceptionally happy with our decision and highly recommend that other businesses explore West Chester Township when considering the best places to conduct business.

Mark Stuhlreyer, President/CEO

Contingent Network Services

Rite Track

Rite Track

Listen to Tom Hayden from Rite Track talk about their company and why those chose to build a state-of-the-art facility in West Chester Township here.

Established in 1993, Rite Track is a leader in consolidated sales & support solutions for the semiconductor industry's most popular mature production track equipment. As product lines mature, OEMs must focus resources on their newest lines which leave product sustainability voids for those still utilizing capable second generation equipment. Rite Track provides a bridge for fabs to continue capitalizing on their current equipment investments; offering extensive upgrades, equipment/parts sales, and technical services worldwide to dramatically extend mature track equipment life & usefulness. Whether you are looking for New or Refurbished/Remanufactured track systems, product enhancements, or technical product / parts support, Rite Track has a solution across a variety of platforms & manufacturers. Through Rite Track’s global logistics network, technical & spare parts support, relocation services, upgrade/enhancement kits, and custom engineering service are available for all Rite Track supported products.