About the Council


The West Chester Development Council is a non-profit corporation, representing a public/private partnership between West Chester Township and the private business sector established to promote economic development initiatives. In previous years, the Development Council was the primary economic development agency for the township. Its mission was to aggressively encourage and assist in the growth of West Chester’s business sector through the attraction and expansion of companies and projects that positively impacted the community. However, in December of 2000, the Township decided to pursue economic development internally and created its own department with full-time staff.

Today, the function of the West Chester Development Council has shifted from performing the day-to-day economic development activities to an advisory group with a strong emphasis on marketing our community and helping to promote West Chester’s many advantages. Through these marketing activities, the West Chester Development Council helps to position West Chester Township as a profitable business location through the continuous improvement of the business operating environment. West Chester Development Council accomplishes this mission by working closely with numerous stakeholders, including the West Chester Administration, the development community, the existing business community and other local, regional and state organizations.

Since 1997, the West Chester Development Council has invested funds from private stakeholders to accomplish a wide-ranging program of economic development.

The benefits to the investor include:

  • All partners are featured in every print and electronic promotional piece.
  • Print advertising can include: Cincinnati Business Courier, Site Selection magazine, Business Facilities magazine, Connections magazine and/or other publications of value.
  • Electronic newsletter, “What’s New in West Chester,” sent quarterly to a vast audience; each eNewsletter provides live links to partner’s websites.
  • Multiple media outlets are evaluated on a regular basis for online advertising opportunities
  • New four-color marketing brochures are designed annually for mass distribution and all supporters are highlighted in each publication
  • www.WestChesterDevelopment.com has been redesigned to enhance the user’s experience, including increased visibility and coverage for supporter partners
  • The following organizations that have chosen to support the economic development and marketing efforts of West Chester Township and the West Chester Development Council.