About the Council

Why Invest?

What is the Partnership and why investment?

  • A public private partnership designed to promote West Chester for new business development.
  • Attention getting marketing promotions to drive new business prospects to you and our community.
  • Participating investors will be able to leverage an expansive marketing and advertising campaign for a smaller cost than individual company campaigns.
  • Since 1997, the West Chester Development Council has invested funds from private stakeholders to accomplish a wide ranging program of economic development. These partnerships have elevated West Chester to compete for new projects at a higher level. 

What is the benefit to the investor?

  • All campaign participants will be featured in print and electronic promotional pieces.
    • Electronic newsletter, “What’s New in West Chester,” sent quarterly to a vast audience; each eNews provides live links to partner’s websites.
  • Multiple media outlets are being evaluated for online advertising opportunities.
  • A new four color marketing brochure is being designed for mass distribution.
  • www.WestChesterDevelopment.com has been redesigned to enhance the user’s experience. Investors now have increased visibility and hyperlinks to their websites.

What is the cost to the investor?

  • A $2,000 bi-annual contribution made payable to West Chester Development Council.

How do I get started?